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 Novel  Corona Virus pandemic effected more than 24,339,123 individuals in world and almost 829,742 people died with this viral infection till the end of August 2020. A number of medical systems are searching for exact medicinal treatment.Homeopathy has been proven efficient for the treatment of novel Corona Virus 2019. Ministry of AYUSH announced Homeopathic medicines as prophylactic and curative against this deadly viral infection. Arsenicum Album and some other Homeopathic remedies showed a positive therapeutic effect and supporting role for the treatment of this infection. As Aconitum Nepalus cured fears and acute symptoms and Hepar sulph characteristics were restorative. Symptoms of COVID patients in acute stages showed a picture of Hepar Sulph.In 1794 Hahnemann proposed to use it internally to arrest mercurial salivation and after a few years, it was tried for asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis. This was a happy inspiration for Hahnemann’s provings and clinical experience.


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The world is facing 3rd outbreak of the Coronavirus within 20 years, before that SARS in 2002-2003 and MERS in 2012 [1]. The first case of the novel coronavirus pandemic appeared in Wuhan in December and then this viral infection spread in the whole world with marked mortality.

Clinical features of Covid-19 are similar to upper respiratory tract infection with higher chances that symptoms are dependent on age and status of patient’s immunity. However, it may be divided into three phases: a mild phase of upper respiratory tract infection, non-severe pneumonia, and severe pneumonia. General systemic symptoms include fever, cough, weakness, sputum production, dyspnoea, headache, hemoptysis, acute cardiac affections, hypoxemia, lymphopenia, and diarrhea. More common symptoms may include the main respiratory tract affections like rhinorrhoea, sneezing, sore throat, pneumonia, ground-glass opacities, anemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome[2].

Homeopathy is a natural therapy and experimental science based on philosophical interpretations of medicine and therapeutical laws. In Homeopathy physician treats the sickness by considering the whole body a single unit. Every set of symptoms define the patient as an individual and selection of medicine made on the totality of symptoms. In the present conventional systems, the disease is cured without considering mental health status and other modalities of disease. While classical homeopathic laws reflect that disease is a collection of symptoms named by physicians, but the actual goal of the physician must be the cure of symptoms, not the suppression.

In the present pandemic and past epidemics and pandemics, homeopathy played important role in cure and prevention of viral infections[3]. Several Homeopathic medicines have been proved as effective and curative remedies in Covid-19. Ministry of Ayush declared homeopathic medicine arsenic.

Hepar Sulph a Homeopathic medicine has special characteristics to treat the upper respiratory infection as well as pneumonia.

 Foster distinguished the action of Hepar sulph on the human body. According to him, Hepar Sulph effects on lymphatic glandular system, skin, and respiratory mucous membranes causing catarrhal with a tendency to hemorrhage and ulceration. The catarrh may be in the throat, stomach, uterus, urethra, which is characterized by thick, yellow, acrid, ropy discharge, mucus is found in the stools in the urine, hawks up mucus, hence it can be called a mucus remedy. Great sensitiveness to all impressions.

Mostly causation of Hepar sulph is the cold dry wind, abuse of Mercury, and suppressed eruptions. Constitutions Slow torpid with lax tissue and light hair, great sensitiveness to slightest contact of ulcers. Being damp heat-sensitive its patient catches and easily stores the toxicity being in contact with toxins and pathogens which give them flourishing ground in the damp heat. It is suited to the psoric, scrofulous diathesis.

Its patient is dejected having a depressed mind with suicidal thoughts.

 Bronchitis with loose cough, bloody or thick yellow tenacious sputum. Breathing difficult that worsens on lying left side. Loses voice and coughs when exposed to dry, cold wind. The cough becomes more troublesome when walking. Dry, hoarse, and excited cough, every time he eats anything cold or any part of the body gets uncovered to cold. Croup with loose, rattling cough, worse in the morning. 

Choking cough. Rattling and croaking cough with suffocative attacks has to rise and bend the head backward. Anxious, wheezing, moist breathing, and asthma worse in dry cold air.

Hay Fever, Sinusitis after coryza and Postnasal dripping. Sore bloody crusts and soreness of nostrils with catarrhal troubles. Offensive discharge from nose that smells like old cheese. Air feels cold in the nose. Sneezes every time he goes into the cold dry wind with running from the nose, later it changes into thick offensive discharge that Stopped every time he goes out into cold air.

 Follicular pharyngitis. Hawks up some yellow tenacious mucus. When swallowing, sensation as if a plug. The sensation of a splinter in the Throat. Quinsy with impending suppuration. Stitches in throat extending to the ear when swallowing. Hawking up of mucus. Hoarseness with loss of voice.


 The one feature which more than any other characteristic Hepar cases is oversensitiveness. It runs throughout the remedy. “Any trouble occurring on the skin where there is great sensitiveness to the slightest touch, the patient can’t bear to have even the clothes touch the part or have it touched in any way. There is excessive sensitiveness to the air, the patient can’t bear the least draft and if a hand accidentally gets outside the bed-clothes it brings on an aggravation. A COVID patient of all three phases can be well managed by Hepar sulph if we comparison symptomatically. A set of symptoms is named as a disease in other conventional systems. But If we follow the homeopathic laws we see that Homeopathy treats symptoms without suppression, no matter what this set of symptoms named.



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