Hemophilia A with low activity of factor VIII: A Case well managed with Homeopathy

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that affects the blood’s ability to clot. People with hemophilia have a deficiency or dysfunction of certain proteins in the blood called clotting factors, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. Hemophilia A, the most common type of hemophilia, is caused by a deficiency of clotting factor VIII.
Factor VIII is a protein produced by the body that helps to form clots when a person bleeds. In people with hemophilia A, the body does not produce enough factor VIII, or the factor VIII that is produced does not function properly. This can lead to prolonged bleeding after an injury, spontaneous bleeding, and other complications.
Hemophilia A is an inherited disorder, meaning that it is passed down from parents to children through genes. It is more common in males than females and is often diagnosed in early childhood. The severity of hemophilia A can vary, with some people experiencing mild symptoms and others experiencing severe bleeding episodes.
Treatment for hemophilia A typically involves replacing the missing factor VIII with injections of the protein. This can be done regularly to prevent bleeding episodes or as needed to treat bleeding that has already occurred. In some cases, gene therapy may also be an option for people with hemophilia A.
Case Presentation:
An 8-year-old boy visited a Homeopathic opd with a prediagnosed case of Hemophilia A. He was diagnosed at a very early age when at age of a few months he fell down and bleeding started from his tongue due to cut. Which was continued for 5 days. Then he was diagnosed with factor VIII deficiency. His coagulation profile showed a factor VIII level of 2.6%. From that time to till the first visit to the homeopathic opd, he needed FFPS transfusions and injections of VIII, mostly 4-6 bags of plasma in a month. He presented with left knee and left elbow swelling due to internal bleeding. His father told that whenever he get injured his bleeding doesn’t stop until they go for a fresh frozen plasma transfusion. If the swelling and bleeding persist even after FFPs, he has to get an injection of factor VIII. 
 After detailed history taking he was given individualized Homeopathic prescription plan. Gradually, with continued medicines, he started to respond to the treatment. Internal bleeding inside joints started to disappear without any sort of transfusions and after an injury, he no more required factor injections. His most recent factor report showed a factor activity level of 47%. Which shows a huge improvement in the coagulation profile. He is taking medicines for the past 2 years and doing well. We hope his factor level will continue to raise and he will be completely free from the Hemophilia in future.
The narrated case report shows a well-managed case of Hemophilia with homeopathic medicines. The patient had a severe form of the disease which converted into a moderate type of hemophilia. According to the present situation of the patient, it can be assumed that his disease can be in a mild hemophiliac state in the future. Homeopathy works more gently on all living creatures. More research work is required to test the efficiency of homeopathic drugs. This case is evident to show the effectiveness of homeopathy.
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