Management of Hemolytic Anemia caused by G6PD in a newborn boy

Introduction: The enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) is crucial for every cell in the human body. It protects cells from reactive oxygen species damage and is located in the cytoplasm of cells.G6PD deficiency is the most prevalent enzyme disease affecting red blood cells.
Clinical manifestations of G6PD deficiency might vary greatly. Hyperbilirubinemia and acute or chronic hemolytic anaemia are two possible effects of G6PD deficiency. Children who have severe hemolytic anemia can die if not managed on time. Therefore, it is imperative to be informed when hemolytic anaemia is diagnosed at any age. The hemolytic event is typically triggered by medicine exposure or fava bean consumption.The purpose of this report is to explain the diagnosis and care given to a child who had symptoms of acute hemolytic anaemia.
Case Presentation: A 14 days old baby was brought in Homeopathic OPD with the history of hyperbilirubinemia after birth,with no family history of hemolytic anemia. He presented complaints of pallor complexion with dark urine. Initial diagnosed of neonatal juandice was made after blood chemistery results, soon after birth. He had anemia requiring blood transfusion.G6PD quantitative test was compatible with this enzyme deficiency.The laboratory findings were as follows: Hb 6.6 g/dl, total bilirubin 7.98 mg/dl, indirect bilirubin 7.45 mg/dl and a negative Coomb’s test result then obtained. . The blood smear result was met hemolytic anemia. The level of G6PD result obtained four days after was low, 1.2 U/gr Hb (10.0-14.2).
Induction: He was prescribed individualized homeopathic medicinal plan. In first few days his jaundice was improved and after that his hb level started to raise gradually. His medicines was given almost for 2 months. Initially repetition after 1 week.
Concluion: This child had severe hemolytic anemia caused by g6pd deficiency. With homeopathic medicines his condition was well managed. He didn’t require any PRC transfusions and his jaundice was also managed. His srecent report showed normal hemoglobin level. Besides that all his health issues has been cured completely.

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