Little Asawra’s Brave Journey with Hemophilia

When Little Asawra was a tiny baby, a bump on her head caused her to bleed for a long time. That’s when the doctors discovered she had something called hemophilia, which makes bleeding tricky.

Her family knew about hemophilia because her big sister had it too. So, when they noticed the same signs in Asawra, they took her to Saher Welfare Foundation for special help when she was just one year old.

Asawra had itchy, red skin and often had nosebleeds without any reason. She felt uncomfortable and didn’t feel like eating much. But then something magical happened when she started getting treatment at Saher Welfare Foundation.

In a short while, her skin became better, the nosebleeds disappeared, and guess what? She started eating well again! Asawra turned into a happy little girl who giggled and smiled a lot, making her parents super happy too.

Now, she is getting bigger and stronger each day, showing everyone that even with hemophilia, she’s a true warrior who’s living her life just like any other kid, full of joy and love!

Her journey taught her family a lot about bravery and love. They discovered that even in tough times, sticking together and caring for each other makes everything a bit easier. They learned to appreciate the small moments of happiness, like Asawra’s laughter filling the room or her excited little dances.

The Saher Welfare Foundation became a second home for Asawra and her family. The kindness of the doctors made a huge difference. They not only treating her, but they also became friends who shared stories and made her feel safe and loved, turning her visits into moments of hope and healing.

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