Fraxinus Americana is commonly known as the white ash tree and is found in North America, north Asia, east and western France, Pakistan, China, India, and Afghanistan. White Ash is a tree that is highly in use for the production of baseball bats and tool handles. It is cultivated around the globe due to its high demand. In a study, it is found that Fraxinus have the highest antibacterial activity and we are using it to make boards, furniture, and flooring.

Many studies have now proven its pharmacotherapeutic properties like anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and neuroprotective. Further, there are some bioactive phytochemicals are also found in Fraxinus, which are very effective in use in the cosmetic industry for anti-aging purposes.

In Pakistan, this plant is used for livestock as well as the treatment of different human diseases. As root, bark, and leaves of Fraxinus have been used for pneumonia and malaria traditionally. It also reported that white ash is used for the prevention of snake bites.

Homeopathic Point of View

It is counted as a uterine tonic by a famous doctor named Dr. Burent. Where there is a heavy state of the uterus with a bearing-down sensation, one might think of Fraxinus Americana. He also called it “the medicinal pessary” (a small soluble block that is inserted into the vagina to treat the infection or as a contraceptive”.

Indications for use of Fraxinus Americana

Treatment for Uterine Fibroid

Uterine fib rods are noncancerous growths that can have serious outcomes. These growths appear mostly in the childbearing years. These never develop into cancer. These fibroids can be small-sized to large enough that they can expand the size of the uterus to the rib cage and add a heavy weight to the body. Its patient usually doesn’t express any symptoms at the start but after some time heavy menstrual bleeding can be a confirmatory symptom. A prolonged menstrual flow with pelvic pressure and pain, frequent urination with difficulty in emptying the bladder, constipation, and backache are some considerable symptoms of uterine fibroid. Fraxinus Americana is a tonic for females with uterine affections. It is very useful for all types of uterine fibroid and displacements with a sensation of bearing down.

Its mother tincture can improve arthritis and fluid retention by preventing the production of uric acid. Leaves of this plant can cure itching after mosquito bites and bee stings.

While its seeds are thought to act as aphrodisiac agents that can arouse sexual desire.


Worse by injury, sprains, lifting.