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S/O Muhammad Suleman

Name: Abdullah S/O Salman.
Age: 8 months.
Address: Shalimar Bagh, Lahore.
Diagnosis: Derranged Coagulation Profile (Factor V Deficiency). Family History. Not significant. Relationship between Parents: 1st Cousin Marriage.
Under treatment Duration: 25/04/2010 to 26/02/2012 (1year 10 months). Weight: 8 kg before and now 17 kg, Height: 27” increased to 35” after treatment.
Symptoms (before treatment): Haematemesis, Malena, Epistaxis, Bruises, Nodular Swelling Stubborn, Pallor Complexion, Diminished appetite. Improved Symptoms: All symptoms are better except Pallor Complexion, bruises after injury. Investigation: Hb level before 7.2 gm/dl and now after treatment 11.0 gm/dl. Duration of Blood Transfusion. Before treatment 15 days and now 33 days.

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