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Every innovation is set against the backdrop of some experience or feeling which nurtures the idea taking it to greater heights. At times the experience is quite painful but it becomes a forerunner to a noble cause, the case was more or less the same with Dr. Ghulam Yaseen who was blessed with a baby boy who was suffered from Pure Red Cell Aplasia. However he did not let this make him lose heart and instead in the year 2008 floated the concept of homeopathic treatment fortune disease completely free of cost. His Son has Masha Allah with the immerse blessing of Allah recovered (May Allah Bless him and all others like him with a long and healthy life Ameen). Prof Dr. Ghulam Yaseen is a renowned homoeopath in Pakistan with an experience of 20 years in this field. He has also been in the teaching line for 10 years. Having practiced with single remedy for 20 years he also has treated pathological and psychological ailments very successfully but also treating diseases especially like Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Bleeding Disorder, Pure Red Cell Aplasia and Aplastic Anemia. Presently the organization has 572 children under treatment, 5 of them have Alhamdolillah recovered completely. The obstacle we face is the lack of proper labs, medication and beds etc. Our patients need to be monitored and observed very frequently, specialized laboratory test need to be administered and so on. Prof Dr. Ghulam Yaseen has been holding free of cost medical camps for the treatment of patients suffering from diseases such as Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Bleeding Disorder, Pure Red Cell Aplasia and Aplastic Anemia. There camps have been working effectively for over a year now as an institution is to procure some land and build a proper hospital for this noble purpose. Lack of funds is our sole barrier to providing free quality treatment to more and more people. At present we operate in an open air tents amidst all sorts of natural and societal turbulences. We have had to face about quite a few difficulties but they have not a hampered with over determination to help suffering and needy mankind. Please Donate for Blood Cancer Patients Team work is Dream work. Let’s join the team of Saher Welfare Foundation & give hope to blood related patients. You can make your contributions to those less fortunate, those suffering from diseases and for urgent necessities of the Foundation donate to this fund as your assistance is needed and appreciated. Thanks

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